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How to See Auras ~

How to See Auras ~

~ If Chakras are the system of energy flow inside the body, then there must be a system of energy flow outside the body. It works in the same flow, but instead of an internal vortex, it manifests as an external wave. This is called your Aura. What is an Aura? It is another part […]

Bashar on Abundance & Trusting What Is ~

Bashar on Abundance & Trusting What Is ~

The subject of money often knocks people out of their Happy Place.  Hopefully, this video will help you let go of some of your limiting beliefs around this subject. It rocked the foundation of what I believed to be true when I heard that money can be a limitation.  I always thought of money as […]

Global Light Minds Movies ~ Weekly Affirmations ~ October 14 - 21, 2012

Global Light Minds Movies ~ Weekly Affirmations ~ October 14 – 21, 2012

  The Power of The Mind to Feel Positive Energy at All Times ~ You Are The Creator ~ Welcome to Global Light Minds Movies ~ Daily Affirmations I have been working with these affirmations to bring Peace, Love and Prosperity into my life and yours. This is the first in a series I will […]

Global Light Minds Movies ~ Daily Affirmations

Global Light Minds Movies ~ Daily Affirmations

    Welcome to Global Light Minds Movies ~ Daily Affirmations I have been working with these affirmations to bring Peace, Love and Prosperity into my life and yours. This is the first in a series I will be producing and sharing with you.  I have found  the power in positive vibrations that come through […]

China's Ghost Cities

China’s Ghost Cities

This could be why China is asking to be repaid their debt that will crash the Dollar and the two strongest world financial strengths will collapse, finally. Read on for more of what may happened.  Remember these are the changes we have been asking for…remain calm, centered and know that we will survive this, Stand […]

What is Going On? Japan is Sinking – Video

Japan is Sinking Is Japan Really Sinking Into The Pacific As Edgar Cayce Prophesized? When I entered the workforce back in the 1980’s I worked for hardcore Japanese companies so I consider myself familiar with their culture. C. Itoh Electronics and Epson America were among the earliest companies I worked for. I began to notice […]

Earth Science – Robert Boggs – Video

Fantastic Aurora: Inside the Sun to Earth\’s Poles Robert is an Contributing Editor on Earth and Science Articles. He has a fascination for volcanoes, earthquakes, the stars, planets, the cosmos and protecting our home planet Earth. His work with Bolt Ozone is an example of how he is inventing new technology to protect food with […]

A Dream Within A Dream – Video

                        “Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar Allan Poe” (Narration Orson Welles) For my own part, I have never had a thought Which I could not set down in words With even more distinctness that which I conceived it. There is however a class […]

Live Beyond The Edge

AWAKENING – A Short film that 7 billion people need to see   Wall Photos Leave your worries and chill out. I am going to find a lily pad……Have a Great Day…!!! That’s how I Started my Day…… I had been looking for lily pad to rest on.  Instead, I laid down for a nap.  […]

Dear Woman – Video

Based on the “Manifesto for Conscious Men,” a collectively-written document from a number of men who feel that a new definition of masculinity can help redress the imbalances of patriarchy and welcome a new era of loving appreciation between men and women. A group of these men speak from the heart and offer a collective […]

The Secret Universe

The Secret Universe is a beautiful HD quality Video produced by Migel Konstantin.  These videos are superb short film set to orginal music. A Must See. To view more of Migel Konstantin visit him on Face Book Migel Konstantin

What Is a LightWorker? – Video

Lightworker Any being dedicated to the cultivation of inner presence and the elevation of awareness in self and other selves. This being is called a lightworker and is an evolutionary step toward a state of “LightBeing” What’s happening in the world? There is an awakening happening all around the world. And that awakening involves you […]

The Early Morning Abundance of Orbs – New Video

On the day of Japan Earthquake

Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation - Video

Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation – Video

The beautiful blue-green water cascades over three major waterfalls: Navajo (located 1.25 miles from the village), Havasu (another .25 mile) and Mooney Falls (another mile). The water temperature of about 70 degrees remains relatively constant throughout the year. It’s high mineral content and carbonate precipitate account for the pools and natural dams. The floods of […]

Catch A Wave Energy – Video

Deploying the Wave Energy Buoy See a prototype of a wave energy buoy bob up and down on the water’s surface as researchers from Oregon State University study its efficacy Read more: Catching A Wave Energy

Cosmic Vastness

This Beautiful Video of of The Universe combines extraordinary film photography with a blend of soothing music. The Vastness of the Comos is a remarkable Journey to the stars. To View more of Migel Konstantin visit him at Face Book Migel Konstantin

WARNING is USA Prepared to Properly Respond to 9or 10.0 Earthquake

ARE YOU PREPARED IS THE QUESTION??? Yesterday, while at work, one of my co workers had gone to a training for Earthquake Preparedness. The booklet I picked up was put out by the Alaska State Emergency Planning Committee for the State.  I am sure all states have them.  Especially School Districts , if you have […]

Indigenous Circle of Hope – Video

This animated visual short film you are about to see is a story of prophecy. The story of man going down the wrong path, with one day the possibility of finding the path of peace and love. What we are seeing around the world with wars, genocide, diseases, climate change such as global warming, and […]

The Beautiful Planet – Video

If you get a good rapport going with Mother Nature She will guide you and teach you perfectly. Any problem. With understanding of the balanced way to be and who you are. She will welcome you in the wild places where it’s undisturbed and quiet. You must be still and ask a question and listen […]

Planet Gaia – Life In The Melting Arctic – Video

By Migel Konstantin Planet Gaia, Life In The Melting Arctic [HQ] Planet Gaia, Life In The Melting Arctic [HQ] Musik Track: Indian Oriental Mix by Funkhaus Europa, Video Created 26. March 2011 * Migel Konstantin •∞❀●✿♥~ * Namaste * ~♥✿●❀∞• Length: ‎19:45

The Truth About 2012 – Video

Maybe just the end of the world as we know it. No, the world is not going to implode or explode or be completely destroyed in any form for that matter. 2012 is a new beginning, not an end. There has been so much said about all this, from the bible, from Nostradamus, from Edgar […]

The Lotus and the Water Lily: A Video

The Lotus and the Water Lily: A Video

  ONE SOUL….. MANY LIVES Hiromi Sharp           A Homage to two Aquatic Flowers. The Lotus is a unique flower that grows in the mud. The water lily was a star attraction in the paintings of Claude Monet. A delicate view of life as a flower, gentle music plays in the […]

What You Resist Persist – Video

Carl Yung   What you resist, persist. What you fight you get more off, Carl Jung, 1875-1961 So no fighting poverty, but wealth creation   Carl Jung – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker, and the founder of analytical psychology. Jung is often considered the first modern […]

Power of Perception

Power of Perception

THE POWER OF DIVINE PERCEPTION EQUINOX Sunday, March 20 Planetary Service to assist the Transcendence of Duality Join Children of the Sun this Sunday in a very special Equinox focus as we invite the Greater Truth into our lives.   We are invoking the Divine Presence and assistance from the great Host of Elohim, Ascended […]

The Timeless Wisdom

One of his students asked Buddha, “Are you the messiah?” “No”, answered Buddha. “Then are you a healer?” “No”, Buddha replied. “Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted. “No, I am not a teacher.” “Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated. “I am awake,” Buddha replied .. Well, “Buddha” means “the awakened one”–that […]

Unconditional Love Meditation

Unconditional Love Meditation

Open Your Heart with the Beautiful Guided Meditation. Sit down and close your eyes and feel yourself relax and your heart open….  

2011 The Year of Illumination

2011 The Year of Illumination

This is one of the best videos I have seen about the coming changes we will be experiencing. Let us put our minds to rest with clarity and forward movement.

The Biggest Stars in the Universe

The Biggest Stars in the Universe

Video – Carl Sagan: A Universe

Carl Sagan A Universe

Video – Beautiful Planet

Beautiful clips from Virtual Trip – Beautiful Planet; Music: David Lanz – Variations on a Theme From Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major

Video – Underwater

Video – Northern Lights

Listening to Northern Lights