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Earth Science – Robert Boggs – Video

Fantastic Aurora: Inside the Sun to Earth\’s Poles Robert is an Contributing Editor on Earth and Science Articles. He has a fascination for volcanoes, earthquakes, the stars, planets, the cosmos and protecting our home planet Earth. His work with Bolt Ozone is an example of how he is inventing new technology to protect food with […]

The Secret Universe

The Secret Universe is a beautiful HD quality Video produced by Migel Konstantin.  These videos are superb short film set to orginal music. A Must See. To view more of Migel Konstantin visit him on Face Book Migel Konstantin

Cosmic Vastness

This Beautiful Video of of The Universe combines extraordinary film photography with a blend of soothing music. The Vastness of the Comos is a remarkable Journey to the stars. To View more of Migel Konstantin visit him at Face Book Migel Konstantin

The Biggest Stars in the Universe

The Biggest Stars in the Universe

Video – Carl Sagan: A Universe

Carl Sagan A Universe