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Without a doubt, the #1 biggest key to your success is working with someone who’s already achieved the results you are working towards.

Being mentored or coached by someone who’s “been there, done that” can mean all the difference in the world and eliminate years off your learning curve in a matter of minutes.

Soul Purpose Coaching is a simple, powerful and graceful way to:
  • Unveil your Soul Purpose in one session
  • break through self imposed limitations and pull the plug on sacred  dream stoppers™
  • experience transformative forgiveness to heal lifelong trauma and pain
  • be a confident, empowered woman not affected by others approval or judgment
  • Connect with your inner wisdom and become your own source for answers.

What is Intuitive Soul Purpose and Spiritual Empowerment Coaching?

  • A unique, intuitive supportive process that walks with you step by step so you reclaim your power, passion and purpose.
  • People come to Soul Purpose Coaching either wanting to know their purpose, accept themselves more or forgive someone or something so they can move toward their purpose.
  • Sacred Dream Stoppers™ may include core negative beliefs or lack of forgiveness among others.



What makes this Coaching so effective? This coaching method is one of a kind, created and developed by Suchi Kumar.

No other program in the world combines transformative forgiveness, deep self acceptance and soul purpose unveiling with the accurate and powerful intuitive insight that Suchi brings to help you stand strongly in your power.

Suchi is totally present with a gentle soul nurturing and empowering energy that will hold you so you feel safe to release the past and embrace the present to create a dynamic and ecstatic future. There are many techniques, but the golden technique behind them all is no technique; dropping all techniques and just being, innocent, open, trusting in the moment.

Spiritual Empowerment Coaching is also unique because it helps you to go beyond the illusion of limiting beliefs once and for all instead of substituting one limiting belief for another.

Most people unconsciously believe the painful thoughts they hold about the world around them. They don’t intimately understand the nature and purpose of thought, mind, the human experience and the spiritual tools they have to work with are rooted in the ego’s thought system. Most spiritual tools are designed to “get rid of something” (thoughts and beliefs we no longer want).

These types of spiritual tools and techniques are not true extensions of unconditional love and therefore don’t fully offer the true healing, freedom, inner peace and spiritual power we yearn for in our hearts. Most simply swap one limiting thought or belief for another and the core dynamics of the ego continue.

The Ecstatic Empowerment method is based on universal truth and love. You will learn to embody these teachings so they become part of your every day awareness, raising your vibration to one of truth, love and compassion for yourself and for others no matter what the circumstance.

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