The Indigo Crystal Path -Healing & Coaching

Jorge Indigo Crystal Coach

Jorge is called the ‘catalyst’ and ‘provocative’ coach. He has mentored hundreds of people who have come to a crossroads in their life and were ready to accelerate in their life journey

In the area of Indigo and Crystal children and families, coaching assists you in discovering who you really are, why you are here, an acknowledgement and acceptance of your uniqueness, and learning how to navigate your way around a changing and fluctuating world that currently that may not resonate with your inner being and knowing.



We promote Compassion, Love and Understanding by becoming one and making peace with yourself to become balanced, understanding that there is nothing wrong in being who you are.

You got it far more swiftly than anyone else, you may have felt out of place and wondered what you were doing here. You may have felt constantly out of sync with the rest of the world. You feel like a visitor in a foreign land, questioning the why of things that made no sense to you.

Do you ever feel as if you do not belong here?
Is life on this earth painful for you?
Do you ever feel as if you have hidden your real Self all your life?
Do you ever have to deny your real knowing to get along?
Do you feel as if even those closest to you do not know the real you?
Do you think of yourself as a failure?
Do you feel as if you never experience real joy?
Do you yearn for a place that feels like home?

If these questions resonate within you and touch your heart and soul at their deepest place, you may be an Adult Indigo, still carrying, and suffering from the emotional wounds of childhood.

For you, life on this Earth has probably been, and continues to be, confusing and difficult.
Your inherent knowing is not acknowledged.
Your intuitive wisdom is not honored.
Your felt-sense of experience is not embraced.
Almost no one understands or appreciate you.
You try and try to go along and to get along, but, in your own eyes, almost everything you do fails.
The only way you have been able to exist in this world is to deny the essence of your Being.
Your Light has been dimmed, and your greatness has been diminished; you feel invisible.
You feel that you are cut off from your Source and your Spirit.
You feel alone and lonely.
And you wonder why you feel sadness and depression.

The Indigo children, who are born into Earth as pure Light channels of God, remember more and more eternal knowledge, secrets from the Other Side and hold the God-vision of a perfect world.

These old souls, have come to embody a massive paradigm shift for our entire universe and to lead us toward ever-expanding world consciousness and a perfected world. Because of their inherent wisdom, knowing, and vision, they often have a hard time getting along in this world that does not understand or appreciate their uniqueness and their special gifts.

This great dissonance between their perfect knowing and this Earth experience causes them tremendous pain and anguish. Their parents, teachers and society as a whole misunderstand this pain.

Most try to help in more traditional and conventional ways, but fail. The attempts to heal on the rational, intellectual and cognitive level, do not work. The Indigo pain is the loneliness that is caused by their separation and disconnection from God; by the dissonance they feel between their knowing of what a perfected world can be, and their experience of the world as it is.

Their emotional pain resides on the spiritual, energetic, soul level, and that is where their pain must be healed. You, the Adult Indigo, at the deepest level, resonate with all the characteristics and the emotional pain of the Indigo Children.

Today, more than 80% of the children being born are Indigos. The Indigos started coming into this Earth at the rate of perhaps 5%-10% per year, right after WWII. You were one of these Indigos. And there were not many like you when you were young!

Why Hire an Indigo / CrystalCoach?

•To inspire yourself
•To reorient around a soul-based operating system
•To clarify how to make your unique contribution in the world
•To validate your unique you-ness
•To receive support and inspiration for who you are becoming
•To gain a sounding board and a champion
•To co-create strategies for thriving and navigating in a world that may not understand or appreciate you and your gifts
•To have someone who understands validate what youre experiencing and help you find meaning in your experience
•To have someone ask the RIGHT questions, that will unlock doors for you and reveal more possibility

The best reason to hire a coach is because you know deep down that you can have an amazing life, and you really want that for yourself. Your coach knows the way but YOU have the answers!

When you work with a coach, you learn to:

•Set better goals
•Do more than you would have done by yourself
•Focus better, in order to get better results more quickly
•Create environments that support you AT YOUR BEST
•Cherish yourself in new ways, grow, and evolve into who you came here to be
•Create what you want in healthy, sustainable ways
•Take more, better, and smarter actions
•Make better decisions
•Reach for more  MUCH more!
•Have a balanced life that really works for you

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